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Hello, world!

I am a 22-year old designer and creative technologist based in NYC, but born and raised in Singapore. I am interested in everything to do with the intersection between art and technology. I am currently enrolled in the Design and Technology BFA Programme, with a minor in Data Visualisation in Parsons School of Design. 


I have experience in physical computing, 3D modelling/ animation, creative coding (p5.js, Arduino, python etc.), XR technology, web design and graphic design

I am currently passionate about, and learning, Touch Designer and Unity. I am also extremely passionate about food (especially food identity, science and politics), culture and sustainability.

I am currently working as a lab assistant in The New School's Extended Reality (XR) Center, as well as a Research Assistant in efforts to make my school more sustainable.

Past experiences:

Exhibitions/ Installations

  • "Build-Your-Own Techno Oriental World" exhibited at CYBORG // HYPERMEAT by //PIXELMOUTH NYC. Grace Exhibition Space, Dec 2022

  • "Execution" exhibited at Auto-Organics by //PIXELMOUTH NYC. Grace Exhibition Space, Dec 2022

Jobs/ Internships

I get inspired by people and conversations- I am always down for a cup of coffee!


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