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pepi ng

nyc-based designer interested in the intersection between art and technology






generative art
Youth Mindline
In the Summer of 2022, I interned at the Singapore Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT). As a Creative Intern, I helped with the interface and experience design of two platforms that we were developing:

Provides a series of free personalised mental health tools, self-guided wellbeing exercises, and local support resources to encourage young Singaporeans to take charge of their mental health through developing good self-care habits, and to reach out for help and support in a timely fashion without fear of stigma.
(2) let's talk
let’s talk is a youth-led, government-supported community forum created with a mission to inspire open conversations about mental health and to provide resources, education, and encouragement for anyone who needs it. let’s talk offers a safe, inclusive space where you can connect with friends, peer supporters and verified professionals.
Let's Talk.png
User Testing
I was the director, and led, the user testing phases of both youth mindline and let's talk.

I coordinated with students from different universities and made use of Telegram as a platform to gather their feedback. The user testing phase lasted about a month long, and I would ask the user testers a question twice every week. The questions were a mix of both quantitative and qualitative. 

I made use of Telegram as a platform to gather feedback in a casual manner. It was also the social media/ messaging platform that was most commonly used among Singaporean youths at that time. 
Let's Talk3.png
I was then in charge of gathering and analysing the user feedback and brainstorming the ways in which we can create a better experience on the platforms we developed. 
I was in charge of organizing and brainstorming outreach efforts. This included: 

(1) Brainstorming social media strategy for youth mindline
(2) Designing digital brochures, advertisements and banners
(3) Liaising with governmental organizations, social service agencies, mental health professionals and mental health-related ground-up initiatives.
(4) Creating pitch decks for schools, mental health professionals and youths
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