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Virtual Influencer
Digital design
I was part of the team that helped design and build Rae, a virtual influencer based in Singapore. Her presence is predominantly on Instagram. She has collaborated with big brands, such as Razer, Nike and Aldi, as well as artists and influencers, such as Sam Lo and Tiffany Lovage. She also dropped her first NFT series in July 2021.
8 copy.jpg
Surrealism in Architecture
3D Modelling | Blender
Inspired by Dali and Margaritte, I wanted to create transformative, immersive and engaging environments and integrate surrealism with architecture. I wanted to create worlds that are playful, colourful yet futuristic in style and nature. 
Newsletter design for The
School of Positive Psychology
Digital design | InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator
I helped design my company's first ever newsletter. 
This newsletter was meant to promote mental wellness and positivity amidst the pandemic.
Front cover copy.jpg
Bubbletecture: A Children's Igloo
3D Modelling | Blender
A 3D model of an elementary school inspired by Lady Gaga's iconic bubble costume. The interior of the elementary school include classrooms and children's playrooms. Windows were added to the structure to allow children to view the outside world to foster their imagination.
Mock Up 1.jpg
Same Same but Different
Indesign | Digital Illustration
An illustrative recipe book comparing the similarities and differences between Singaporean and New York City's food and culture. 
Website design for Mental Health Collective SG
Created, designed and edited Mental Health Collective SG's website from scratch. The website includes information about various mental health organisations, ground-up initiatives and volunteer opportunities across Singapore. 
Followed BlenderGuru's Youtube tutorial series to make this bad boy!
Social Media Posts for The School of Positive Psychology
Digital illustration, animation | Procreate | Photoshop 
During my 5-month internship at The School of Positive Psychology, I helped design all their Instagram and Facebook posts. These posts are essentially marketing material, and are also used to promote mental wellbeing.  I also created wallpapers to promote greater user engagement.
The Legend of Mazu
Animation for Asiapac Books 
2D animation | After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
I created three animations for Asiapac Books in order to promote greater recognition of Singapore's history, culture and tradition. The three animations are to remember Singaporean war-heroes (1) Elizabeth Choy, (2) Lt. Adnan and to highlight the (3) Legend of Mazu respectively. 
Remembering Elizabeth Choy
Remembering Lt. Adnan
Website Design for The School 
of Positive Psychology
Website Design | Wix
During my internship at The School of Positive Psychology, I helped design a website offering their online courses, webinars, workshops and other events. These events were all centred around the topic of mental wellness, relationships, resilience and wellbeing. Speakers and trainers of these events were all trained experts in psychology/positive psychology.
View the website here.
Animation for REACH
Online course
Digital Stop-motion Animation | Procreate | Photoshop
During my internship at The School of Positive Psychology, I created several hours worth of animation to be included in the videos of the REACH online course. REACH is a 5 hr self-paced online course that teaches users how to build and maintain their resilience amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
I made the animations colourful, yet calming to increase relatability, engagement and promote mental wellbeing.
Shown here are just some of my favourite snippets from the hours worth of animation. 
What is Singaporean Food?
3D modelling | Blender
I wished to convey Singapore’s multiculturalism through its diverse culinary scene. The 3D model of a building represents a public housing flat, our city’s multi-ethnic melting pot. The windmills, solar panels and driverless transportation depicted represents the environmentally-conscious technology present in Singapore. 

I then created another digital illustration series, "This is Singaporean Food" in response to this piece, which you can find below.
8 copy.jpg
This is Singaporean Food
Digital illustration | Procreate | Photoshop
While portraying Singapore’s positives in "What is Singaporean Food?", I wanted to also evaluate Singapore’s shortcomings in a parallel piece. I chose to highlight Singapore’s struggles with homophobia, discrimination against transient labourers, and the increasing isolation felt by Singaporeans. I titled this piece “This Is Singaporean Food” to answer the question posed by my previous artwork and complete my portrait of Singapore. I wanted this piece to juxtapose with my previous piece: while food once united Singaporeans, food is now what isolates them here. 
8 copy.jpg
Reaching for More
3D Modelling | Blender
This piece is meant to depict the competitiveness within the Chinese culture. The small, soft pink balls are Tang Yuan (aka mochi balls) cooked in sugar syrup. Tang Yuan is normally eaten during important Chinese occasions and they represent unity. In contrast, the hard, metallic material and texture of the arm is "spreading" into the bowl of Tang Yuan. This is meant to depict  the constant competitiveness and struggle to be the "best" among family members in the Chinese culture, ruining the purity and the original symbolic representation of the Tang Yuan. 
2020 - current
Social media outreach for Mental Health Collective SG
Graphic Design, Content Creation | Photoshop
As the head of social media outreach for Mental Health Collective SG, a non-profit organisation that seeks to centralise and collate service/advocacy efforts in Singapore's mental health scene, I am in charge of interviewing various mental health organisations and introducing them on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
Instagram page: @MentalHealthCollectiveSG
women and their devils
Digital collage | Photoshop
Inspired by PollyNor, I created this collage to depict the relationship between women and their "demons"- the parts of their identity that they are afraid to admit to themselves and the people around them.
digital copy.jpg
California Roll- With a Twist
Sculpture | Air-dry clay, acrylic paint
​This art piece is a criticism of the meat-eating culture in the world today. I wanted the little figurines around the seaweed of the California hand-roll to represent the "cute" animals that we are eating and consuming, neglecting the lives and rights of the animals. 
Programme Booklet for Hwa
Chong Institution's 100th Anniversary Heritage Trail
Magazine Design | Photoshop | InDesign
​In celebration of my school's 100 years anniversary, I helped design the programme booklet for the Heritage Trail event in 2019. This Heritage Trail was open to public. It brings the participants to all the significant landmarks in our school, and provides the background and history of the various landmarks.
8 copy.jpg
Portraits series for The School of Positive Psychology
Digital Illustration | Procreate
As part of my social media outreach/marketing plan for The School of Positive Psychology, I created custom illustrative portraits for all staff in the company. These portraits were published on their social media pages, to allow the company and its staff to appear more relatable to the younger generation. 
Untitled_Artwork 1.png
4 Years of Growth
A selection of my favourite pictures I took of my sister throughout a period of 4 years. The images are arranged in chronological order, and you can clearly see the change in hair, style, facial expression and image of my sister. During these 4 years, my sister was studying in America, while I was in Singapore.
8 copy.jpg
Digital illustration | Procreate
When I visited Japan in 2018, I was intrigued by the bustling and active night life in Japan. However, I also imagined myself walking through these streets alone at night- the lights following my own footsteps, the moon always tailing behind me. That imagination frightened me to bits, and I hence wanted to depict the eeriness of the city when there is no one around in this big, bright and bustling city. 
Illustrations for Zine
Digital illustration | Procreate
For a romantic poem/prose written by my friend
colours, colores, yan she, se
"colores", "yan she" and "se" are the words "colors" in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. I took these pictures using my camera during my travels over the years to Spain, Taiwan and Japan, and I edited the images to give a dreamy, surreal-like feeling to them, while ensuring that I brought out and emphasised the colours of the images. I wanted to show how the seemingly mundane life in the modern, developed world is actually vivid, colourful and interesting.
Mental Health Exhibition in School
Interactive Exhibition | Digital Illustrations
My group of friends and I founded and designed an exhibition to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of peer support. I Illustrated some pieces to be featured in the exhibition for a more vivid, colourful, relatable explanation of the various complex mental health disorders. I made use of audio tapes, 3D models, animations and other interactive pieces to depict the effects of hoarding, OCD compulsive thinking and obsession and eating disorders to promote greater empathy and understanding 
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics | Illustrator | After Effects
My first time doing a full, original motion graphics animation for The School of Positive Psychology. This was used to help market the online/virtual courses offered by the school. 
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