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pepi ng

nyc-based designer interested in the intersection between art and technology




generative art
Stained Underwear
By Pepi Ng and Julia Daser
“Stained Underwear” sheds light on the often hidden and stigmatized inconveniences people face throughout their lifetime because of menstruation.

We want to visualize the labor, time and resources menstruating people have to invest into periods by documenting Pepis’ individual experience.
1. Brainstorming
This project started out of confusion as to what was happening in my body.

Ever since I started using birth control the past year and a half, my menstruation has been extremely irregular. For the first year, I had no periods at all, and for the next half of the year, my periods started arriving at weird intervals, and would last up to 3 weeks. 

When that happened, I found myself always having blood leak through my underwear and scrubbing my stained underwear in my bathroom sink to get the stains away almost every day. My mother was the one who taught me to hand-wash my underwear from a young age, so that we don't have to waste too much water in the laundry-machine. 

I started thinking about the amount of time and resources (water, detergent, manual labor) that I physically make use of, and go through, when scrubbing my own underwear. And with that, I started also thinking about the amount of money I have spent on sanitary products, and what this meant for the broader population who might not have the resources I have (aka period poverty).
Brainstorming notes 
2. Collecting data
Handdrawing my data out
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